BEO's Basque Film Series: Julio Medem's "Vacas"

The Basque Cultural Center's Basque Educational Organization starts the 2011 Basque Film Series this Friday, April 1st with a special screening of Julio Medem's acclaimed debut VACAS.  The film will be presented by Dr. Oscar Alvarez of the Center for Basque Studies. The NABO Lecture Series will be making a stop at the Basque Cultural Center on Saturday, April 2nd.

The Basque Educational Organization and the Basque Cultural Center in conjunction with the North American Basque Organizations  is proud to present the Basque Lecture Series, hosted by Dr. Oscar Alvarez, the William Douglas Distinguished Scholar of the Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada at Reno. Dr. Alvarez will be accompanied by Mr. Imanol Murua, author of several books, the most recent being Loiolako Hegiak (Negotiations in Loyola), about the last Basque peace process (2005-2007).

BEO/NABO Lecture Series

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
10:00am & again at 1:00pm
Complimentary brown bag lunch at 12:00pm for registered attendees
Free Registration is required.
To register please contact Nicole Sorhondo & indicate which session: 
or at 415-285-0748

The two lectures will be presented twice at the Basque Cultural Center, once in a morning session and once in an afternoon session. A complimentary brown bag lunch will be provided for registered attendees in between sessions and you will have the chance to speak with the presenters in a more informal setting.

AlvarezDr. Oscar Alvarez

Before the Ikurriña was the Basque Flag. Icons of Basque Identity in the Americas (1880-1935)

Presentation on Basque flags and other similar symbology that were used or proposed by Basque immigrants in several countries of the Americas to denote Basque identity. Most of them are almost unknown.


MuruaMr. Imanol Murua

Walking Toward Peace: New Political Scenario In The Basque Country

The politics in the Basque Country are changing drastically. ETA has just declared a ceasefire and this has brought very high expectations about a lasting peace, although not everybody trusts that the ceasefire is truthful, given the failure of past similar experiences. He will argue that this time there is evidence that the violence of ETA is definitely coming to an end.



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