Flashback to NABO Winter 2011 Meeting in Salt Lake City

The Basque Club of Utah served as great hosts for our Winter 2011 meeting of NABO delegates.  It is because of the generosity of host clubs like this that NABO can have its tri-annual meetings.  So thanks to our Basque friends from Utah--it was a good time!

NABO officers Marisa Espinal (Secretary), Valerie Arrechea (President), Mary Gaztambide (Vice President) and Grace Mainvil (Treasurer). The flags are for the Canadian provinces and American states with a member Basque organization.

Benan Oregi, of the Basque Government of Euskadi, giving a presentation to delegates.  Meetings cover numerous items as chairpersons report on projects, member organizations provide input, committees are formed, etc.

The Wasatch Mountains make for a very impressive backdrop for Salt Lake City, home of the host Basque Club of Utah that was founded in 1973, and joined NABO in 1979.  Every other year or so they serve as fine hosts for our meetings.

NABO now consists of 43 member organizations from Canada and the U.S.  Each organization has two delegates, and three times a years they are invited to meetings to confer about joint initiatives. 

The delegates were treated to a marvelous lunch by Jean Flesher and his crew.  It is always a pleasure visiting our Basque friends from Utah.  In February they have their annual dinner dance.

Utahko Triskalariak
The evening dinner included a performance by the Utahko Triskalariak.  Here's to the young Basques of Utah:  Segi aurrera!


A bonus was the day after gathering at the home of Jean & Mary Gaztambide for a day of mus, food and friends.  Mil esker!




Bengoetxea Farewell Tour


Foku Musikala