Looking for a Few Good Teachers

Euskara BaiHello Basques,

This is the explanation for the new contract for people interested in learning Basque and become teachers. The big change comparing to the older version is that the students will attend the barnetegi in the States JUST ONCE A YEAR FOR A WEEK AND NOT TWICE A YEAR AS IT WAS REQUIRED BEFORE.

Please print this paper and the contract and take it to your Basque Center and to the Basque restaurants to spread the word.

We have many people interested in learning Basque but they do not have a Basque teacher. We also have teachers who would like to make room for new teachers because they have taught it for several years and they need a replacement. It is also interesting to have people who can understand the Basque grammar and provide easy explanations to the students and make their learning easier.

This is the last version of the contract for the new teachers. I sent another one before but they were some mistakes.

If you are interested in learning Basque trough an internet program and have an on-line teacher from the Basque Country and attend barnetegies to learn Basque and become a Basque teachers. THE BARNETEGI OR INTENSIVE PROGRAM WILL BE FOR JUST A WEEK EVERY YEAR FROM SAT TO SAT. Please sign this contract and send it to me by email, or letter.  You need to contact your Euskal Etxea and talk to them to sign the contract and be responsible for your performance.

We need a minimum of 12 people in order to start this program.

This is a free program. Your Basque Center will pay 400 euros in the case that you as a student break it. It is a yearly renewable contract, so you just commit for a year each time.

This is a great opportunity and I hope that many people chose it. We can do it!!!!!

This could be the beginning of a United States that is much more euskaldun and speak Basque in the States and in the Basque Country and our way to preserve our culture.


Contact me if you have any questions about the contract




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