Euskara Learning Summer

A Barnetegia is an intensive immersion program for learning the Basque language.  Some offerings to check out include:

All year round Barnetegis (Basque boarding school) in the Basque Country



Elosegi 40 bis, Lazkao  20210 (Gipuzkoa)

MAIZPIDE is a school devoted to teaching the Basque language to adults; the school also offers room and board for those who require it during their stay. Maizpide provides adults with the opportunity to learn all the skills associated with the language. This means that students learn oral and written skills, and are also introduced to the Basque culture.

MAIZPIDE Euskaltegia is located in the very heart of Basqueland, in Gipuzkoa, in the village of Lazkao, 42 km. far from Donostia-San Sebastián, 97 km. far from Baiona, 65 km. far from Iruñea-Pamplona, 77 km. far from Vitoria-gasteiz, and 86 km. from Bilbo.

MAIZPIDE reminds many people in Lazkao (population 5,000) of the Basque language. It has a good reputation that is well earned, both in the Basque region and around the world, for its work to revive and standardize the Basque language. This is substantiated by the many people from outside the Basque region who travel to our centre to learn and discover our language and culture, a target reached thanks to many years of work and experience, the benevolence and open-mindedness of the Lazkao people and, above all, the efforts of the people who choose to live in the Basque country. The fruit of all this labor and effort is MAIZPIDE.

Placement test: You can take the placement test through the web site or at Maizpide itself. The students are asked to bring proof of payment, photocopy of their identity cards, and a photograph on the first day of class. Bank accounts:
                      Kutxa: 2101 0049 71 0011615424
                      Euskadiko Kutxa: 3035 0088 58 0880026213
 The students must complete full registration, the placement test, and payment at least 10 working days before the beginning of the course.
Persons who wish to withdraw from a course will only be refunded their fees if they notify the school at least one week before the course is scheduled to begin.



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