Iparreko Ibarra, Northern Valley Basque Club: Rocklin, CA

Our federation of Basque organizations is built upon the contributions of our members, that aim to assist each other in the pursuit of the same objective: the perpetuation of "Basqueness" (Basque culture and identity).

Founded 2005
Joined NABO 2006

This year Iparreko Ibarra will be hosting NABO's Kantari Eguna.

Mailing address: 
Northern Valley Basque Club
P.O. Box 3324
Rocklin, CA 95677

Facebook page:

Our current president is:  Michael Uro
V.P. – Pat Torpey
Treasurer – Gilbert Petrissans
Secretary – Allyn Terpstra / Yvette DeGuero
Directors: Noel Goyhenetche, RoseMarie Caballero, Janine Griesemer, Ophelia Torpey





Ateak Ireki


Foku Musikala