Basque Catholics:  "Euskaldun--Fededun"

This includes news & information for the Basque-Catholic community.  Now that we no longer have a dedicated Basque chaplain, it will be up to each community--the laity--to step up and keep this a part of our Basqueness.

Mass in San Francisco

KEEPING THE BASQUE MASS IN OUR FESTIVALS.  We no longer have a Basque chaplain from the Basque Country because there too they have a shortage of priest.  Thus we have hit the crossroads as a Basque Catholic community, specifically in relation to the fate of future Basque masses at our annual festival celebrations.  It now falls to each community to develop a Plan B.  We have some material available to assist those who would like to formulate their own hybrid version of a Basque-English mass.  To see those click on Basque-English Mass material.

Our Basque Chaplain Aita Antton

Aita AnttonAita Antton Egiguren Iraola, a priest of the Franciscan order arrived on November 28th to begin his ministry as a Basque chaplain here in the Basque-American community. He has also been asked to provide pastoral and sacramental attention to the Basque community in the surrounding region and this will be his priority. His focus will be on liturgy, Christian formation and spirituality, and outreach (Diaconia) to all Basque Catholics, especially the elderly and their families and those in need. For more information including weekly scriptural commentaries, visit:

"Ez da erretx Jainkoaz mintzatzea,
Jainkoaren beharrik ez dutela uste duten jendeeri."
"It is not easy speaking about God with people who don't think they need Him."
-Oscar Rodrigues (Honduras Cardinal)



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