Klika in America Tibute

In conjunction with the 2008 NABO Convention|Chino Basque Club 40th anniversary, there was a tribute to all players (past & present|living & deceased) of the "Klika in America" that embraced Bakersfield, Chino, San Francisco & now Rocklin. 

Steering committee:
Bakersfield coordinator: Jean Pierre Dalia: 661.872.4179
Chino Coordinator: Dominique Camou:
SF Coordinator: Mark Sorhouet:
Pierre Igoa:
Jean Louis Indart: 
John Ysursa:

HornThe 2008 NABO Convention hosted by the Chino Basque Club included a special tribute to all those who have taken part in the Klika tradition. While each community has recognized its own, we have never come together as a larger Basque-American community to acknowledge the contribution of these performers.  It's time.

The objectives are:

1. To honor the Basque-American Klika performers both living and deceased, for their contribution in making the Klika tradition come alive here in America.

2. To look toward to the future of KLIKA IN AMERICA. This is a call to both young and old - to join/participate!  Sustaining this unique tradition will require more young people to pick up the drums and bugles and march along.

3. To have a good time with the music.

What is requested is that all play the same tunes for the Saturday night tribute and Sunday morning mass.  They include:

Waltz (Saturday night)
Oxan (march into mass)
Andropo (salute at the altar)
Magnificat I (consecration of the bread)
Magnificat II (consecration of the wine)
Magnificat (for the Benediction)
Atera (exit from mass

Previous and current players were honored, and it was an opportunity for their story to be told.  Not many know the origins of this Basque tradition. It is a very localized tradition in just a handful of towns in Baxenafarroa and Lapurdi--and now four towns here in America!

Bakersfield Klika
Bakersfield: Kern County Basque Club Klika

Chinoko Klika
Chino: Chino Klika

San Francisco Klika
San Francisco: San Francisco Klika




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