May 2008 Basque Studies Symposiums

NABO is pleased to bring to your attention three Basque Studies Symposiums this Spring. The first is May 3rd in Bakersfield, May 14th in Santa Barbara, then May 15-17 in Reno. Basque Studies keeps growing!  

California State University, Bakersfield

3rd Annual CSUB Basque Studies Symposium
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008: 3:00—6:00pm
Dezember Leadership Development Center 
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Mikel Irujo Amezaga
Member of the European Parliament with the Greens/European Free Alliance Group

Dr. Joxe Mallea-Olaetxe
Researcher at the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno and author of SpeakingThrough the Aspens: Basque Tree Carvings in California and Nevada

Dr. Xabier Irujo Amezaga
on the Ancient Basque Laws
Assistant Professor at the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno and author of the forthcoming Basque Legal Systems


University of California, Santa Barbara
Wednesday, May 14th, 9:00-3:00
McCune Conference Room, HSSB

The Basque Studies Symposium is the first of what we hope will be a series of conferences on Basque Studies, which this year focuses mainly on linguistics and literature considered from broad perspectives - there will be papers that will capture the interest of a varied audience, addressing a number of topics: from Basque syntax and words, to language policy and rights, to the status of women authors, to contemporary Basque literature and projecting the identity of a small nation onto a global scene. The symposium is free and open to anyone interested in the subject and does not require registration. For further information please contact Prof. Viola Miglio at

>9:00 Opening Remarks: David Marshall, Dean of the School of Letters and Sciences, UCSB
>9:15 Ricardo Etxepare, Centre Nacional de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Bayonne, France. Title: "Syntactic Variation in Basque: an Atlas Project"
>9:50 Xabier Irujo, University of Nevada, Reno.  Title: "Language Rights in the Basque Country"
> 10:25 Julen Manterola Agirre, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  Title: “Is Basque an Agglutinative Language?”
> 11:10 José Ignacio Hualde, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Title: "Basque Words" 
> 11:45 Juan Uriagereka, University of Maryland, College Park.  Title: "Could Agreement Markers SYNCHRONICALLY Derive from Determiner Clitics?"
> 13:15 Mari Jose Olaziregi, University of Nevada, Reno/ University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  Title: "Basque Literature Today"
> 13:40 Estibaliz Ezkerra, University of Nevada, Reno.  Title: "Basque Voices from the Diaspora"
> 2:00-3:00 Rountable: Literature and Translation.  Basque Writers:

The event is sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Latin American and Iberian Studies Program, the Comparative Literature Program, The Linguistics Department (UCSB), IKER/CNRS Basque Texts and Language Study Center (Bayonne, France), as well as the University of Nevada, Reno, and Boise State University

Center for Basque Studies

Writers in Between Languages: Minority Literatures in the Global Scene
May 15-17, 2008

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