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We receive regular inquires about touring the Basque Country which is understandable--it's a great place to see and experience. While NABO does not have a program of our own in place, there are various resources available to plan your trip to the Basque Country. 

The tourism department of the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi.  See their website at:

Sept. 8-16, 2012:  Basque Country Food Tour possibility

Some places to start if you want to plan by province:


Iparralde culture:

And there’s a new website that is now posting various Basque cultural events in the Basque Country at 

Overview: Basque Country:  This articled that appeared in the New York Times is an overview of some tourist sites in the Basque Country

UPCOMING GUIDED TOUR--SEPT-OCT. 2013. This trip would feature the week of St. Michael's day activities in various towns on both sides of the border (Spain and France) and we'll also catch the 1st Monday of October for a special Gernika Market.   I have scheduled a couple slow days were people could visit relatives, travel to Madrid, Barcelona, London or where ever for a couple of days taking advantage of the inexpensive flights out of Bilbao or San Sebastian. or Santander.  Remember, Spain is the size of Nevada!!!

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11 Must-Sees in the Basque Country

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The routes below are, in my opinion, those places that you should visit when coming to visit this so unknown country. Most are easily accessible on public transport and, except in high season, you shouldn´t worry too much about crowds.

1) DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (in the world?), views from Igeldo mountain, pintxos in the Old Town, Chillida-Leku open air museum (, the picturesque fishing town of Hondarribia.

2) ZARAUTZ, GETARIA (wonderful promenade almost touching the sea linking both towns), grilled fish at any of the restaurants in Getaria, ZUMAIA and its beautiful church, LEKEITIO, its port, its island and the incredible retable inside its church.

3) ARANTZAZU Sanctuary ( and OÑATI and its University(

4) SAINT JEAN DE LUZ, BIARRITZ, BAYONNE-BAIONA, in the French Basque Country (also Petit Bayonne, on the other side of the river), great chocolates and gateau basque, apart from picturesque villages.

5) BILBAO, Guggenheim Museum (this was obvious!), Old Town, Funicular train to Artxanda for spectacular views of the city.

6) HANGING BRIDGE ("Puente Colgante") of Portugalete, a Unesco World Heritage Monument, unique in the world, over 110 years old and running 24 hours a day.

7) VITORIA, Old Quarter (Jewish) and a visit to the spectacular restoration of its Old Cathedral (Ken Follets based his novel The Pillars of the Earth on this cathedral, so they made him a statue!)

8) ATXONDO valley, where silence can be heard, spectacular place with the mountains and sheep in the background. And several wonderful restaurants.

9) URDAIBAI Biosphere Reserve and the beaches of Laga, Laida, the town of Busturia, Mundaka (surfers´ paradise), the sea estuary, the caves of Santimamiñe and the PAINTED FOREST OF OMA.  Also the steep fishing town of Elantxobe.

10) The walled towns of LAGUARDIA and LABASTIDA and the wine region of Rioja Alavesa. Not to miss the guided visits to the wine cellars underneath the town.

11) The POZALAGUA caves, in the Karrantza valley, a spectacular combination of rare stalactites and stalagmites, now specially prepared for visits with kids,,




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