Omenaldia Masses

ArgizaiolaIt is that time of year again when we fondly remember our dearly departed.  This Sunday, October 30, 2022, Aita Antton will celebrate the NABO Omenaldia Mass remembering all of the dearly departed from our Basque communities at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center.  Mass will begin at 10:00am and will be livestreamed on YouTube.  The mass will include the participation of the Elgarrekin Basque Choir, and will be followed by lunch at 12:30pm.  Cost of the lunch is $30 for members, $35 Member Guest $40 Non-Members, and $10 Child 12 & under.  Two other Omenaldia Masses are also planned, the first one in Boise at Sacred Heart Church at 1:30pm on Saturday, October 29th, and the second in Chino at the Chino Basque Club on Sunday November 20th at 10:00am.  These two are to remember those that have passed in the last year in those two communities.  To read the latest edition of the Artzai Ona Newsletter, Elkarri, that includes the complete list of those to be remembered, click here.


Basque Government Announcements

GaztemunduOur friends in the Basque Government’s Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad have made a couple important announcements in the last week.  The first is naming the 20 participants in this year’s Gaztemunudu Program that will take place December 4-20, 2022 in Gasteiz.  Gaztemundu is an opportunity for individuals between the ages of 18-35 to spend a week in the Basque Country learning more about its history, culture and present reality.  Often Gaztemundu has a theme like music, dance, cuisine etc. but this year’s program is a general training for this year’s participants.  This is the first time Gaztemundu will take place since the pandemic and so we are thrilled that one of our own will be participating.  Jean Jules Flesher, representing the Basque Club of Utah is among those chosen.  Zorionak Jean Jules! To see the list of everyone chosen and the alternates, click here.

Eusko JaurlaritzaBasque Government Grants for those in dire need were also published in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Government this week. These grants are open to any individual affiliated with a registered Basque club finding themselves in dire need. These grants are awarded to the Basque Club directly who will then administer the funds where needed for the individual.  Deadline to apply for this aide is November 26, 2022.  For more information in Basque and Spanish, click here.


Foku Musikala 20 - Gernikako Arbola

We are excited to share another installment of Foku Musikala this week!  This week’s edition features the song Gernikako Arbola. On egin!

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Foku Musikala