Mus Madness for Michel Plaa's 93rd Birthday in Chino

ChinoPlease join the Chino Basque Club in celebrating Michel Plaa’s 93rd birthday this Sunday, March 27th, by participating in Michel’s Mus Madness. The event will begin at 10:00am and lunch will be served at 1pm, which includes steak and Poulet Basque. Cost of the meal is $25 for adults and $10 for children.  After lunch, Iñaki Reta will provide music for your entertainment.  To make a reservation or pay in advance, click here. Urtebetetze hun Michel!


Basque Government Grant News

Eusko JaurlritzaWe have received a reminder from Eusko Jaurlaritza that the last day to justify 2021 Basque club grants is March 31, 2022.  This must be done by going through the website, then by logging into Extranet, and then choosing justification of expenses. They also announced that the 2022 Basque club grant applications will be made available in the coming weeks.  This process will also need to be done electronically and so a BAK, or electronic signature, is required. We will provide more information on these grants when we receive it.


Our New NABO Euskara Chair: Ziortza G. Beldarrain

ZiortzaAs previously reported, Dr. Ziortza G. Beldarrain has been chosen to take over for Martin Goicoechea as NABO’s Euskara Chair.  This Monday, the Euskara committee met to officially welcome Ziortza to the team.  Being brand new to NABO, we wanted to introduce her to everyone. Ziortza came to the states in 2014, to pursue a Ph.D. in Basque Studies at the Center for Basque Studies at UNR. After completing her degree, she began working at Boise State University as a lecturer in 2018, and was hired as an assistant professor in the Department of World Languages soon after. She has great experience teaching in the Basque Country and here and also served as the conversation instructor for second year Basque students at UNR. Her passion for the language, along with her knowledge and experience will surely give NABO’s Euskara Program a boost. During Monday’s meeting the lack of NABO Basque teachers was highlighted.  If you are interested in teaching Basque at the club level, or if you know someone who is, please email Ongi Etorri Ziortza eta Eskerrik Asko Aldez Aurretik!


Netflix Announces Increased Presence of Euskara

NetflixIn an article recently published in berria, Netflix has announced that the Basque, Galician and Catalan languages will have a greater presence on this streaming platform in 2022. There will be about 70 audio-visuals included in its 2022 catalog, which will be made available gradually. As part of their effort, they will “subtitle 600 hours of international films and series, and dub 60 hours for children.  Two hundred of these hours will be done in Basque, and an additional 20 will be dubbed, with most of the content aimed at children.  In this way, “users from 190 countries will be able to watch some series and films in Basque, Galician, or Catalan.” The jury is still out on whether there is enough Basque language presence on these platforms, but Netflix has promised to continue adding more and more content every year which according to Bingen Zupiria, Minister of Culture and Language Policy in the Basque Government, is a good thing. The article in its entirety in Basque is available here.



Bertsolaritza Videos


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