BEO Mus Tournament

BEO MusThe Basque Educational Organization is proud to announce its first annual Mus Tournament on July 25th.  The event will take place at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center and begins at 7:30am with registration, and play beginning at 8:30am. Registration is required by July 18th and cost to participate is $25 per person.  The Basque Cultural Center will also host its member’s lunch that day, so lunch for members is $25 and non-members is $35.  Winners of this tournament will go on to to participate in the California Regional Mus Tournament, the winners of which will go on to the NABO Mus Finals.  For complete information, and to register, visit their website.


Pantailak Euskaraz Initiative

Pantailak EuskarazThere has been a push recently to get more streaming platforms to provide more Basque language content.  Sonia Castañon, NABO Euskara Coordinator, has made us aware of one of these initiatives called Pantailak Euskaraz.  Pantailak Euskaraz is part of a series of initiatives addressing the low number of Basque offerings on streaming platforms including Disney + Euskaraz, Neflix Euskaraz, Tinko Euskara Elkartea and the Basque Dubbers Association. Their belief is that if steps are not taken to include Basque in today’s world, cell phones, computers, tablets, TV, internet, and streaming, that the future of the language is at stake.  They are hoping that members of Basque communities in the Diaspora will join in and sign the various petitions found on their website.  For more information, or to sign any one of the petitions, click here.


"Face to Face" Exhibit in Maule

Zoe Bray ExhibitZoe Bray is excited to announce that she will be resuming her “Face to Face/Bekoz beko Portraits of Basques in the American West” tour beginning July 10th at the Médiathèque in Maule, Zuberoa.  The exhibit will remain there until July 31st, and Zoe will give a talk about her works on July 17th at 10am.  As reported on the Médiathèque website, “She explores the fluidity of identity in a world that is constantly evolving. Using oil or charcoal paint, she produces portraits that are at the same time aesthetic, documentary and hyper realistic of Americans from Nevada, descendants, like her, of Basques who emigrated to America at the beginning of the 20th century.” After this exhibit, the portraits will then return to the United States. For more information, please visit their website, or see the flier.




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