Boise Euzkaldunak Monthly Dinner

EuzkaldunakThe Euzkaldunak Basque Club in Boise will hold its May monthly dinner on Sunday, May 16th as a curbside pickup between the hours of 4:30pm and 6pm.  The dinner, hosted by the Euzkaldunak Board of Directors and friends, will be prepared by Chef Jesus Alcelay. The menu includes tossed Salad Oñati, Shrimp Pil-Pil, Basque Pork Chops with Pimientos, Patatas Riojanas with Chorizo, Homemade Bread and Butter and Rice Pudding for dessert.  Cost of the meal is $15 regardless of member type, or age, and reservations can be made by clicking here by May 12th at 8pm. On egin!


New Basque Citizenship Project

questionnaireWe were contacted by New Basque Citizenship, a project funded by the Basque Government’s Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies whose goal is to delve into the adaptation processes of individuals who have left the Basque Country and currently reside elsewhere, or conversely, individuals who were born elsewhere but now live in the Basque Country.  The hope is to “identify the elements that favor positive coexistence in contexts of change that affect people from both a personal and cultural point of view.” As part of their research, they have created a questionnaire in Basque, English and Spanish.  If you fit into either of these categories, and would like to participate in the project, here is the English version of the questionnaire. After questionnaires are submitted, discussion groups will be formed among participants.


Postgraduate Program on the Basque Diaspora

As previously reported, the Basque Government, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, is proud to announce a new Postgraduate Program on the Basque Diaspora. This opportunity begins in October, and is coordinated by Dr. Oscar Alvarez Gila. Interested individuals can choose between two levels of training and certifications that will accommodate 40 students each.  The first is a University Expert certification comprised of 18 credits and does not require a university degree, and the second is a University Specialization certificate that is comprised of 30 credits, and does require a degree as well as the completion of an end-of-year project.  Along with Dr. Alvarez Gila, participating faculty includes Thomas Aikins, Alberto Angulo, Joseba Arregi, Maialen Goirizelaia, David Rio, Argitxu Camus, Marijo Olaziregi, Iker Saitua, John Bieter, Pedro Oiarzabal, Leire Arrieta, Gorka Alvarez, and Benan Oregi.  Preregistration is now open, and can be completed here. Tuition fees are 200 Euros for the basic level, and 300 Euros for the higher one.  Since this program is subsidized by the Basque Government, tuition rates are lower than normal postgraduate programs.  For more information, email Dr. Alvarez.



Burns, Oregon Dinner Mass

Artzai OnaThis Sunday's Mass would have been the Burns, Oregon Dinner Mass. We can celebrate with them from all over the world via Artzai Ona's live Facebook video. Aita Antton will include memorials for Bend, Jordan Valley, and Portland, Oregon as they do not have their own events. Aita is in the Basque Country and this Sunday's Mass will be celebrated from his childhood parish in Bidania, Gipuzkoa. He will be celebrating Mass from there, but it will be at 8 am Pacific time here in the U.S. You can find the missal here. To virtually participate in the Mass visit the Artzai Ona Facebook page.



Bengoetxea Farewell Tour


Foku Musikala