Big Horn Basque Club Annual General Assembly

Big Horn Basque ClubThe Big Horn Basque Club in Buffalo, Wyoming will hold its annual general assembly meeting on March 27, 2021 at the Cowboy Carousel.  This will be a catered event so all you need to bring, is “yourself, ideas and your input!” They have some exciting things to talk about for next year, including a one-day Basque festival in conjunction with Johnson County, this year’s Mus Tournament, monthly events and the club’s annual picnic on August 15th.  This is an opportunity for members who have not been involved for a while, or new members to express their points of view.  For complete information, visit them on Facebook.


Foku Musikala 16 - Aita Semeak

This month’s installment of Foku Musikala features the song “Aita Semeak.” Once again thank you to Mikaela Goikoetxea for all of your efforts to keep Basque song alive in the US.  To find out what this song means, or to learn the lyrics, click the links below..

Lyrics | Recording | Vocabulary




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