Lekuak Exhibit at Boise State University

LekuakThe exhibit “Lekuak” inspired by the book by the same name by Meggan Laxalt Mackey was inaugurated on November 2nd at the Albertson Library at Boise State University.  The exhibit gathers “a small, but great display about Basque publishing worldwide, plus a full case dedicated to academia.” As part of the exhibit, Laxalt will give a talk on November 14th at 2pm.  Her talk aims to inspire students to think about the “applicability of scholarly endeavors not only to one’s professional future, but to the community at large using Lekuak as the foundation for the talk.” For more information on the exhibit and the talk, click here


National Basque Week in Argentina

Semana Nacional Vasca 2019 the largest annual Basque festival in Argentina concluded on Sunday after a week of activity that included almost every facet of Basque culture under the sun.  Gathering Basques from all over Argentina, neighboring countries, as well as the Basque Country, this festival rotates from club to club, much like our NABO convention does. This year, the Union Vasca Basque Club in Bahia Blanca hosted the event in conjunction with the celebration of its 120th anniversary. Even though the event ran from November 2-10th, the main events take place every year on the weekend, this year on November 8-10.  Our friend Joseba Etxarri at, was there and will provide full photo chronicles of the happenings.  Zorionak Union Vasca on 120 years as well a successful Semana Nacional Vasca!




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