BEO Basque Cultural Day

BEOThe Basque Educational Organization’s next installment of the Basque Cultural Day will focus on Basques in California - Kaliforniako Euskaldunen Atzak, on Saturday, October 26th at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center.  The afternoon will start at 1:00pm with Marianna Etcheverria, Jeanette Bidart and Mitch Garriador who will present on the early Basque presence in Los Angeles.  Steve Gamboa and Janet Barreneche will present on the Basques in the Bakersfield area, and Nancy Zubiri will present the history of the Basque Hotels in San Francisco.  Pedro Oiarzabal will present on the Basques who served in World War II.  Presentations will be followed by a special dance performance by the Zazpiak Bat Dancers, directed by Valerie Arrechea.  The event will conclude with dinner.  Complete information including how to RSVP for dinner, required by October 21st, is available here.


International Mus

International MusThe 42nd International Mus Tournament began in Baiona on Saturday, October 12th.  Muslaris, and delegations are participating from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, the US, France, Mexico, Uruguay, Navarre, Venezuela, Peru, and Euskadi,  with the hosting country, France, and Navarre, as the winner of last year’s tournament, each represented by two teams.  Representing NABO are Victor Albistur and Martin Hirigoyen from the Los Banos Basque Club, site of next year’s NABO Mus Tournament.  NABO Mus Chair, Pierre Etcharren and Delegate Jose Luis Urrutia also accompany them, along with their spouses. Besides tournament play, attendees are also enjoying outings to points of interest in the area.  More information about the week’s activities is available here. For a complete list of teams and delegates, visit


Los Banos Annual Member Picnic

Readers' ChoiceThe Los Banos Basque Club will host its annual member picnic on October 20th.  Cocktails will begin at noon with lunch served at 1pm at the Los Banos Fairgrounds in the Exhibit Building.  Besides these festivities, the club also shared that it was recently awarded the “Readers Choice #1 Community Organization Award,” for “creating and sustaining community and preserving the Basque Culture through language, dance, and food, while sharing it all with the community.” Zorionak Los Banos! Biba zuek!


Fall NABO Meeting

The North American Basque Organizations held its fall meeting on Saturday, October 12th, in Mountain Home Idaho, hosted by the Euskal Lagunak Basque Club. The meeting began with the usual meet and greet at 7:30am followed by club representative, Goisalde Jausoro, giving everyone a rundown of the days activities.  Thirty-five clubs were represented in person, or by proxy, at the meeting that began at 8am with presentations of a new initiative, Ateak Ireki, by Argia Beristain who was later chosen to be the NABO coordinator for this project, and Jaialdi by the Wrays inviting all NABO club members, dancers, athletes, and musicians to attend the event next July.  Then it was time for regular federation business including committee and program reports.  Highlights of these included upcoming calendars featuring NABO clubs, a report that the NABO Euskara program is thriving with 11 schools currently in place, and Patty Miller reported on the Basques in California exhibit recently opened at the Euskal Museoa in Bilbao.  Mus reported that the next NABO Mus Tournament would take place on June 20, 2020 in Los Banos, results from the 2019 NABO Pilota tournaments are available here. Udaleku Chair, Valerie Arrechea reported on this year’s Udaleku and announced that next year’s camp will take place June 21-July 3, 2020 in Salt Lake City hosted by the Basque Club of Utah.  Tuition for Udaleku was also set for $420 per child with a 10% discount for the second/third child.  For any questions regarding any of these programs, please address the committee/program chair.  A list of these along with their emails is available here. Attention then turned to Old Business dealing with the proxy question from Los Banos. It was decided to create a Google doc to facilitate clubs providing their officers and elected delegates.  NABO President, Philippe Acheritogaray reminded us of the Bertsolari Day planned for March 14, 2020 at the SFBCC to honor our local bertsolaris, and then a report was then given by Lisa Corcostegui on the 7th World Congress of Basque Collectivities Abroad.  Valerie then reported on the group that traveled to Elizondo for Baztandarren Biltzarra, and everyone enjoyed a video of this great event.  As at every fall meeting the NABO Facilitator and NABO Euskara Coordinator Contracts were presented for renewal.  Kate Camino was rehired to serve another year as the NABO facilitator with Lisa Corcostegui, and Sonia Castañon was elected as the new Euskara Coordinator, who will take over the position from Aitor Inarra in January.  Future meeting dates were discussed, and then the meeting was adjourned.  Attendees then enjoyed some down time with Mus, conversation etc. followed by a fantastic meal prepared by Dan Ansotegui.  Eskerrik Asko Bihotzez to the Euskal Lagunak Club for the warm welcome and spoiling us for a day!




Bertsolaritza Videos


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