Living History Days in Buffalo

Living History DaysThe Big Horn Basque Club dancers, Zaharrer Segi, will participate this weekend at the annual Living History Days held at the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum in Buffalo, Wyoming on June 29th.  The event runs from 9am-2pm with activities running consecutively all day. The day includes the participation of many living historians including Rawhide Rope Makers, Frontier Music and Covered Wagon, Tomahawk Throwing, the Big Horn Basque Club and its dancers to name a few.  It is a free event, and includes free admission to the museum all day.  Jim Gatchell collected and recorded the history of the area for years, and when he passed away in 1954, his family sold the collection to Johnson County for a $1 so that it could be part of a museum.  For complete information, please see their flier.


Udaleku 2019 Final Performance

Udaleku 2019This Friday, June 28th, Udaleku 2019 comes to a close with a final performance by the kids who attended.  This is an opportunity for them to show-off all that they have learned over the two-week camp.  This year's final performance will be at the San Francisco Cultural Center beginning with an aperitif at 6pm and dinner served at 7pm.  Cost of the meal is $35 for adults and $15 for children under the age of 12.  If you would like to attend, please RVSP to Anita Arduain.

A general agenda is as follows: 

  • 5:00 — Pelota finals in the kantxa
  • 5:30 — group dance performance in the kantxa 
  • 6:00 — apéritifs with entertainment by Txistu students 
  • 7:00— dinner banquet with entertainment by Udaleku students 

If you are in the area you should take advantage of this event.  It is always amazing to see how much the kids learn in such a short time. 


Film of the Month

The June NABO Filmategi featured film is Song of the Basques by Emily Lobsenz.  “Weaving together the personal stories of contemporary Basques, this film shares an intimate portrait of one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious cultures.” The film is in Euskara with English subtitles and runs for 72 minutes.  For more information on this film, or to see if it is available for your club to rent for a movie night, visit NABO’s Filmategia.




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