Father's Day in San Francisco

Aitaren EgunaThe San Francisco Basque Cultural Center will once again host its annual Aitaren Eguna luncheon this Sunday, June 16th at 2:30pm.  Every Father will receive a free raffle ticket for a special drawing courtesy of the Women’s Club.  Cost of the lunch is $25 for a member with an RSVP, $30 for member guests, and $35 for non-members. Please RSVP by emailing  Zorionak Aita guzieri!


Udaleku 2019


The annual Father’s Day Luncheon at the SFBCC also coincides with the beginning of this year’s Udaleku program, June 16-28, 2019 that will take place at the SFBCC hosted by the San Francisco Basque community.  There will be 110 children participating representing 14 Basque clubs, as well as 7 participants from the Basque Country including two grandchildren of founding NABO member and past NABO president, Jacques Unhassobiscay.  The camp’s theme is Iparralde and instructors for the two weeks include: Valerie Arrechea (dance), Joana Arrechea (culture), Argitxu Camus (Euskera), Caroline Chiramberro (txistu), Mikaela Goicoechea (song), Axun Ezkurra (txistu), Lisa Etchepare Rubin (dance), and Eric Migueltorrena (pilota).  According to camp director, and Udaleku Chair Valerie Arrechea, “We are planning to introduce camp participants to different aspects of Basque culture such as the Xiberoa pastorale, gateau Basque, our version of Basque macarons, klika, joko garbi, xare, bertsolari, the comet line and the role of the Basque frontier during WWII, and even a rugby elective for those interested.” Udaleku isn’t just about work, and so it will also include field trips including a day at Great America Amusement Park.  Campers are housed with local families, which also allows them to get better acquainted with the Basque community in each hosting club.  Much luck to you all and on behalf of NABO, Mila mila esker to everyone who makes this great program possible!


Basques in WWII Documentary

After debuting the teaser of the forthcoming documentary film, Basques in WW2. The Marine Corps at the NABO Convention Meeting held in Bakersfield, CA, Dr. Pedro Oiarzabal has let us know that it is now available to view here. The documentary is part of the larger “Fighting Basques: Memory of World War II” project that is a collaboration between the Sancho de Beurko Association, and NABO’s Memoria Bizia program, among others.  The hope is to recuperate the stories of Basques who fought in World War II and preserve them for future generations.  To learn more about the project, or to view the teaser, visit their   where you can also learn how you can participate in this important venture.  You can also email Dr. Oiarzabal here for more information.




Bertsolaritza Videos


Foku Musikala