2019 NABO Convention

BakersfieldThe Kern County Basque Club is working on the final touches of this weekend’s NABO Convention, and the club’s 75th Anniversary Festivities.  As we reported last week, the entire weekend is full of activities for all ages and interests.  One correction we would like to make is that the Jr. Mus tournament is no longer a NABO Jr. Mus tournament opening it up to any of our Basque youth that would like to participate.  If you would like to play, please email Kathy Laverty-Iturriria. For complete information on the weekend’s events please see the schedule.


Basque to the Roots

Basque to the RootsAlso traveling to Bakersfield for the weekend is Dr. Pedro Oiarzabal to present two exciting projects that he is involved in, at Friday’s NABO Convention meeting.  The first is “Basque to the Roots,” a unique tour experience that he is promoting with the collaboration of Bilbao Paso a Paso, a leading travel agency in the Basque Country with more than twenty years of experience.  Together they have developed a “unique cultural, historical and gastronomical program for all people of Basque origin, and friends, who seek to re/discover their roots and fully immerse themselves in the cultural life of the Basque Country.” These tours are individually designed to meet the needs of each group. NABO Basque club members will enjoy a special discount.  For more information, please visit their website.


Basques in WWII

The second project Dr. Oiarzabal is working on and will be presenting at the NABO meeting is The Fighting Basques Project.  This project, in collaboration with NABO’s Memoria Bizia project and the non-profit Sancho de Beurko Association, in the Basque Country, “aims at identifying those men and women of Basque origin who served in the US Armed Forces during WWII in order to commemorate and honor their lives.” As part of his presentation, he will share a teaser of the first documentary film created from this research “Basques in World War II, the Marine Corps.” One of this presentation’s goals is also to request the collaboration of the Basque-American community to ensure the success of this project.  “We are seeking your help to identify relatives and friends who took part in the war effort and share their precious memories (photographs, military records, letters etc.) with us.” For more information please visit their website, or email:



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