Michel Mus Madness in Chino

ChinoThe Chino Basque Club is hosting “Michel Mus Madness” and Basque Breakfast this Sunday, January 27th from 9am-8pm at the clubhouse.  Mus play will begin at 9:00am with breakfast being served at noon.  Mus play will resume after lunch. Cost of the meal is $20 for adults and $10 for children, but Mus is free. For more information, and to make reservations, click here.


Film of the Month: Handia

NABO Filmategi's January featured film is Handia directed by Aitor Arregi and Jon Garaño.  The film tells the story of Miguel Joaquin Eleizegui Arteaga (1818-1961) who suffered from gigantism and was known as the “Giant from Altzo.”  The film also addresses sibling rivalry.  It has won several Goya awards in Spain and was also awarded the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.  See the trailer below or click here.



Explore the Basque County for Academic Credit

ACOThe University of Nevada Reno’s Extended Studies department has announced a new ACO (Academic Credit Options) program in the Basque Country.  These travel programs provide an opportunity to get university credit while traveling abroad.  Their latest addition is called “Explore the Basque Country” and will begin Summer 2019.  The program scheduled May 15-July 1, 2019 is an opportunity to “discover the rich language, culture and food of the Basque Country.” Cost of the program is $2,975 and includes three undergraduate/graduate credits in ANTH, BASQ, COM, HIST, OR SOC, accommodations in Bilbao, some meals and local transportation for course-related work, fieldtrips and cultural tours. Course instructor is Kerri Lesh, ABD and CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) who will graduate this spring with a Ph.D. in Basque Studies, with an emphasis in Anthropology at UNR.  For complete information including how to register, click here.



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