SFBCC 36th Anniversary and Winter NABO Meeting

SFBCCThe San Francisco Basque Cultural Center will celebrate its 36th anniversary on the weekend of February 17-18, 2018, with a myriad of events, tributes, and entertainment. As part of the festivities, the Cultural Center is also hosting N.A.B.O.'s winter meeting on Saturday at 8am, that will also be attended by the Basque Government's Director of Basque Communities Abroad, Gorka Alvarez. Other activities include an art exhibit by renowned Basque artist, Xabier Soubelet, and a book presentation by author Begona Echeverria who will present her book The Hammer of Witches – A Historical Novel. There will also be plenty of pilota thanks to handball players from the Euskadi Federation along with the Kapito Joko Garbi players, from Ustaritz. Saturday evening will include dinner at 7pm followed by a dance to the music of Amerikanuak. Sunday's events will begin with a Basque mass celebrated by Aita Jean-Michel Lastiri with the Elgarrekin choir, Zazpiak Bat dancers and Klika. After mass N.A.B.O. will honor Valerie Arrechea with the Bizi Emankorra, N.A.B.O. Lifetime Contribution Award, while the Basque Cultural Center will honor Mayte Ocafrain, Carmen Salaburu and Marie Sorhouet also with its Lifetime Contribution Award. This will also be followed by lunch, more pilota, and music for your enjoyment. For complete information including how to RSVP by February 13th, please see the attached flyer. Zorionak SFBCC!


Euskadi Pilota Federation Offers New T-Shirt

T-ShirtWe also heard from our friends at the Euskadi Pilota Federation letting us know that they have new t-shirts for sale. These Basque Selection t-shirts sell for $27 apiece, but if you purchase more than 6, shipping costs are waived. The t-shirts can be seen here, or you can also email them with any questions: Just think, at next year's SFBCC anniversary, you can show your support for the players by sporting your new t-shirt!


8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean

8HZThis Sunday, February 4th, you will also have the opportunity to tune in for another broadcast of 8HZ, 8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean, radio show. The program airs from 11am-noon PST, and can be found at this link. Hosted by Benoit Etcheverry, and Esther Ciganda, the program airs in Basque, French, Spanish and English. For more information on the program, or how to listen to it, click here.


Irulegiko Irratia Fundraising Campaign

Irulegiko IrratiaIf you are wanting to get more news from the Northern Basque Country, enjoy more Basque music, or work on your Iparraldeko Eskuara, here is another great opportunity for you. Now you can listen to Irulegiko Irratia live from its website. Headquartered in Donibane Garazi this radio station has been around for 37 years, having begun in Irulegi. It currently employs seven individuals, and was recently in danger of shutting down. In an effort to keep its doors open, they have recently launched a fundraising campaign. If you would like to help them out, or simply enjoy their programming, click here.




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