TamborradaThe festival unit of Donostia's – San Sebastian's City Hall has reached out to us looking for our help. They are in the middle of updating and revamping the city's Tamborrada website. In doing so, besides including extensive information on the festival's history, costuming, etc. they would also like to include information on Tamborrada celebrations held in the Diaspora. If your club celebrates Tamborrada, or any kind of celebration commemorating this festival, they would appreciate it if you would share the following with them:

1) Tamborrada logo.
2) Photo of the tamborrada.
3) Photo of each one of the directors
4) Other photos of your tamborrada (atmosphere, etc ...)
5) Brief history of the tamborrada. Important data. Creation, significant changes, etc ... (what you feel is interesting). Maximum 800 characters.
6) Brief description of the costumes worn. To which company do the soldiers belong, what do cooks wear etc.?
7) If you carry out any celebration or commemorative events as part of your tamborrada, a description of it (tributes, special stops, etc.).

This information can be emailed to:


Basque Shopping Resources

Gift boxIf you are looking for something for that special Basque person in your life, check out shopping opportunities on the NABO website. There you'll find a variety of links to several vendors with items from jewelry, to food items, to apparel plus so much more. We have added a new link this week to Hella Basque where you can find many new items to choose from. Also remember that an Amerikanuak CD is the gift that keeps on giving with proceeds from these sales going to the Aita Tillous Fund to support Basque youth participation in NABO activities. NABO calendars also make great gifts for those that have everything. So much to choose from!


International Basque Language Day

Euskararen EgunaNext Monday, December 3rd is the International Day of the Basque Language coinciding with the feast day of Saint Francis Xavier, a missionary from Nafarroa, whose dying words were said to be in Basque, his first language. Celebration of this day was established in 1948, by the Society of Basque Studies, Eusko Ikaskuntza and was officially recognized in 1995 by the Basque Government and Euskaltzaindia. If your club has organized an event to commemorate this day, please let us know about it, including Euskaraldia events. Tell us about the event, and include photos, and we'll feature them in next week's Astero. Let's celebrate our language! It is part of what makes us unique!



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