Carmelo Urza Scholarship

Carmelo Urza ScholarshipDr. Carmelo Urza, founder and CEO Emeritus of USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium), credits inspiration gathered from NABO and its member organizations in helping him create USAC. As such, a $2,000 scholarship has been established in his name exclusively for students who are members of NABO clubs, or whose parents are NABO club members, and are attending the USAC Bilbao or San Sebastian, Spain study abroad program during either the fall or the spring semester. Last year's first scholarship winner, for the Fall 2018 program, was Kali Kester of the Oberenak Basque Club in Battle Mountain, NV. Eligible students must have a 3.2 GPA or above, and the deadline to apply is November 1, 2018 for Spring 2019. Complete information is available online at For more information, please contact with any questions.


Hotel Heredad de Unanue

Hotel UnanueIf you are planning on traveling to the Basque Country in the near future, there is now a new lodging option available in Donostia with the Hotel Heredad de Unanue that opens its doors next Monday, September 24th. The hotel, in the historic Unanue-Zar farmhouse, aims to provide its guests a unique alternative just 10 minutes from the Old Part of Donostia by car, but also accessible by metro, bus and bidegorri. With a special sensitivity to cultural diffusion, and particularly in relation with the Diaspora through its d├ęcor and programming, it hopes to disseminate the Basque reality abroad. With Joseba Etxarri, Director of EuskalKultura com, as part of the team who has dedicated more than 30 years to organizing, supporting and the diffusion projects for the Diaspora it promises not to disappoint. Reservations can be made through, although for the best discounts, you should reserve directly with the hotel via email:, by phone +34 843 93 931 or through its reservations page (still under construction) on its website. Guests from the Diaspora will also be treated to free breakfast! Pictures of the hotel are also available in this article on Zorionak Hotel Unanue!


Bask in Motion Travel Agency

Bask in MotionIf you are looking for another alternative for visiting the Basque Country, we were contacted by Bask in Motion, a travel agency that is also focused on the Basque Diaspora, or anyone wishing to learn more about the Basque Country and its culture. Bask in Motion provides organized tours, as well as the option to customize tours for small groups. They even provide discounts for Basque clubs or school groups. For complete information email them, or visit their website.




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