Los BanosLos Banos 54th Annual Festival

Los Banos Basque Club’s 54th Annual Festival will be held on Sunday May 20, 2018 at the Los Banos Fairgrounds Park (403 F St, Los Banos).  Festivities will begin at 10am with mass with the participation of the Klika and dancers, followed by a BBQ lamb lunch at noon. The afternoon will then be filled with Basque dancing, weight carrying contests, soka-tira, bertsolariak and much more.  For more information, please visit them on Facebook.


Elite Pilota in Bakersfield and San Francisco


Pilota fans will have two wonderful opportunities to watch some elite pilotaris play in their local frontons. Four players from ASPE, Mikel Lizeaga (Hernani), Xabi Erostarbe (Urretxu), Andoni Ugalde (Oiartzun) and Iker Irribarria (Arama), the 2016 singles champion and 2017 doubles champion, will travel to Bakersfield and San Francisco on May 26th and June 1st respectively. They will compete in Bakersfield as part of the Kern County Basque Club's 46th annual Basque Festival on the 26th at 5pm, and again on the 27th at 5pm. If you don't make it to that event, you'll have another opportunity to see them at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center on June 1st. This event will begin at 6pm with cocktails, and 7pm with a light dinner. Cost of the meal, $25, includes admission to the pilota games that will begin at 8:30pm. If you would like to attend, please RSVP by emailing Xabier Berrueta by May 29th. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to see professional pilota players at home!


Gaztemundu 2018 Applications Now Available

Gaztemundu 2018 The Resolution for Gaztemundu 2018, was published this week in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country. This publication triggers the application period for the program that will run September 1-16, 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz aimed at individuals between the ages of 18-35 from officially recognized Basque clubs around the world. This year's Gaztemundu will focus on traditional Basque dance. Eligible applicants will have knowledge of dance instruction and Basque dance, will be of age by January 1, 2018, and will not have participated in a prior edition of Gaztemundu since 2003. See basic requirements here. Applications require submitting a video recording of dance instruction to determine the capability of the individual to interpret, as well as explain the significance of a chosen dance. The jury will also take into consideration other points that are included in this article found on The deadline to apply is June 18th, and the Resolution is available here in both Basque and Spanish. For clarifications in English, please email: Iñigo Medina. Iñigo recently arrived at the Center for Basque Studies in Reno and will be carrying out a Basque Government internship, from the Directorate for Basque Communities Abroad, through January 2019. Iñigo has a wonderful command of the English language and so for questions about Gaztemundu, or any other Basque Government related issue, feel free to contact him. On behalf of everyone at NABO, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to Iñigo!


Kali Kester Winner of Carmelo Urza Scholarship

Kali Kester As reported earlier USAC and NABO excitedly partnered on the Carmelo Urza Scholarship for students to study abroad on either its Bilbao or Donostia programs. The first deadline to apply for the scholarship for those planning to study abroad in the fall, was April 1st. Now it is our pleasure and honor to announce that the winner of the first ever Carmelo Urza Scholarship is Kali Kester. Kali is from Battle Mountain, Nevada and a member of the Oberenak Basque Club. She participated in Basque dance from the age of 5 on, and is now attending UNR pursuing a double major in Community Health Science and Spanish. Her plan is to spend the 2018-19 school year between Donostia in the fall and Alicante in the spring. She is excited about the prospect of becoming entirely immersed in both the Basque and Spanish cultures. Besides taking a full load of classes, she also hopes to become involved with a local Basque dance group there. In her words, "I am so incredibly honored to be receiving this scholarship because the Basque community and culture have been such an influential and important part of my life." Zorionak Kali! Deadline to apply for the scholarship for Spring 2019 is November 1st. The application is available here.



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