San Inazio in Boise

Basque CenterBoise's Euzkaldunak Inc. will host its annual San Inazio Festival July 29-31 at the Basque Center in Boise. The event will officially begin Friday with "Friends and Family Night" where everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite pintxo to share, while catching up with old friends. There will be pala throughout the weekend at the Fronton (619 Grove Street) that will be televised at the Basque Center for viewers' pleasure. Saturday festivities will begin at 11am with music and dancing. Pala will continue in the afternoon and mass will be celebrated at 7pm at St. John's Cathedral with the participation of the Oñati Dancers. The night will end with a public dance to the music of "Amuma Says No" on the Basque Block. Sunday's events will take place in the Municipal Park with picnics and games for all from 11am-2pm. There will be another dance on Sunday night, again to the music of "Amuma" and Txantxangorriak. For complete information visit them on Facebook.


Chino Basque Club Art Contest

ChinoIn preparation for its annual festival, the Chino Basque Club is sponsoring a contest for the cover art on this year's picnic booklet. The winner will not only have his/her art featured on the cover of the booklet, but will also receive two complimentary meal tickets for the picnic. Deadline to submit artwork is July 27th at 5pm. To submit your artwork, or for any questions please email: Kathie Goyeneche. The club is also accepting ads for its 2016 booklet. Ads can be submitted print ready, or you can also have your ad designed for you. You also use an ad from previous years if you'd like. Deadline for booklet ads is August 3rd. Again contact Kathie for any questions or concerns.


RenoReno Basque Festival Photos

The Zazpiak Bat Basque Club held its 49th Annual Basque Festival on July 16th. Here are some great photos of the day, compliments of Stephanie Deveau. Zorionak on a wonderful event!


World Pilota Championships in Santiago, Chile

PilotaThe Chilean Federation of Basque Pilota has announced that the 6th World Pilota Championships will take place in Santiago, Chile, November 19-27, 2016. This is the first time that Chile is hosting the event that will gather some 250 pilotaris from 20 countries. The competition will take place at Frontons at the Euzko Etxea in Santiago, as well as the Estadio Español in Las Condes. For more information visit the International Federation of Basque Pelota here.


EJBasque Government Grant Applications Due

Just a reminder that applications for Basque Government Grants for Basque Clubs are due July 23rd. For more information on the grant, or where to submit it click here.




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