Santa Agueda in Boise

As we let you know a couple of weeks ago in Astero, Basques in Boise gathered on February 5th to celebrate Santa Ageda. The group gathered on the Basque Block, this year joined by Joseba Etxarri, Director of, who accompanied the singers on his triki. Please enjoy these photos and video of the event that may encourage your club to organize something similar next year.



.EUS Domain

.EUSAs many may know, the .Eus domain was launched in 2013. Many Basque-related websites and emails have already made the switch to it including the Basque Government. Anyone can apply to use this domain as long as the website contains a minimum content in Basque. If none of the content is in Basque, then the minimum requirement is that the website be related to the Basque culture. For all requirements and more information on this domain, please visit their website.


Basque Coast Summer School

Universite de PauWe also found out about a new summer-school opportunity for college students in the Basque Country. The Basque Coast Summer School will take place on July 13-17, 2015, just outside Biarritz. The school is open to students, and any other interested parties, and provides an academic experience in an exceptional beach setting. There are four courses to choose from, that will be taught in the morning, leaving afternoons free for sightseeing, fieldtrips and other leisure activities. Teachers are specifically recruited for this program. For complete information visit their website. This program is part of the Université de Pau et des Pay de L'adour.





Song of the Basques


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