BEO 10th annual Basque Cultural Day

BEOThe Basque Educational Organization will be hosting its 10th annual Basque Cultural Day on Saturday November 7th at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center. This year's edition is dedicated to Basque Pilota with speakers and Frontball exhibitions. Speakers will include Xabier Berrueta, President of the US Pilota Federation, Iker Saitua, ABD, Center for Basque Studies and Jean Michel Idiart, the creator and promotor of the Frontball Pro Tour. The day will conclude with dinner also at the Cultural Center. For complete information, including how to RSVP for dinner, visit their website.


New York Basque Club Events

New YorkThe New York Basque Club has a very busy weekend planned. First, on October 30, the film Loreak that has been nominated for an Oscar this year, will debut at the Paris Theatre (4 West 58th Street). The film is being considered one of the "best Basque-language films ever made." For show times and a full description of the film click here. On November 1st the New York Basque club is inviting everyone to join them to cheer on runners in this year's New York City Marathon. The group will be gathering at the corner of Greenpoint Avenue and Eckford Streets at noon to cheer runners as they pass the clubhouse. Everyone is encouraged to bring along your IkurriƱas. Afterwards, around 2:30pm, the party will move inside where the bar will be open and pizza will be served. To RSVP, please email Baraxil Bengoa.


Basque Emigration on Kanaldude

KanaldudeOn October 16th, Euskal Kultur Erkundea and Eusko Diaspora organized a debate on the question "Euskal emigrazioa: oroitzapena baino gehiago?" (Basque emigration: more than a memory?) in Uztaritze. The event gathered presenters from all over the Basque Country with varied experience with the Basque Diaspora and Emigration. Presenters included Dr. Argitxu Camus (Eusko Diaspora), Laura Igantzi (Euskal Artzaianak Ameriketan), Monika Legarto (Euskal-Argentina), Marie Pourquie (Quebec Euskal Etxea), Joseba Etxarri ( and Robert Acheritogaray (8 Probintziak). The program also included a welcome from US Bertsolaris, Johnny Curutchet and Martin Goikoetxea, who were also invited to attend the event. The program was recorded in its entirety and is available to view on Kanaldude. The discussion took place in Basque with French exchanges being translated into Basque. To see the debate click here.






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