Udaleku 2015

Last Friday, this year's Udaleku wrapped up at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center. Parents, family members and friends all gathered to see what the kids had learned over their two-week stay in the Bay Area. This year's camp was focused on Iparralde and especially the province of Xiberoa, so the final performance even included a Pastorale written especially for the camp. Here is a taste of what was performed.


Aita Cachenaut Celebrates Besta Berri

We have also heard from our friend, John Martin that this year marked the last Besta Berri celebration for Aita Cachenaut. This month Aita officiated at the Fête-Dieu in the villages of Bithiriña and Ostankoa. He was due to retire last year but the bishop asked him to stay on for another year. Next month, around his birthday, he is being transferred to Azkaine south of Baiona, where one hopes his workload will be a great deal lighter. John was kind enough to share some pictures of the event as well as some thoughts on Aita himself. Sorte on Aita Cachenaut!





Foku Musikala




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