Perkain – Pilota Camp in Aldude

PerkainThe Perkain Association is once again holding a pilota camp at the Erreka Gorri center in Aldude, France for children between the ages of 8-16 years of age. This year's dates are July 5-11th for the 13-16 year-olds; July 12-18th for ages 10-12, and July 19-25th for 8-10 year -olds. The goal of the camp is to improve skills in various modalities of pilota including eskuz, xare, joko garbi and pala for boys and pala and frontennis for girls, but also allows time for fun activities like rafting, swimming and hiking in the surrounding area. Cost of the camp is 335 Euros for 7 days, and the deadline to register is May 15th. Last year several NABO children attended camp and had nothing but great things to say about it. For more information email Valerie Arrechea or Perkain directly:


.Eus Domain on Sale

Korrika, left Urepel on Thursday March 19th and as part of this celebration in favor of the Basque language, the domain .eus is on sale. From March 19-31 .eus will be available for only 29.95 Euros. The offer will be for all new registrations made during this timeframe. For more information visit their website.



Blog on life in the Basque Country

BlogIf you are interested in reading a light-hearted blog on life in the Basque Country in English here you go. John Martin, has chosen to write about "the most beautiful part of France," and has shared this with us. Having a strong readership from the UK to Australia, he felt Basques in the US may also be interested. You might even relate with some of his experiences there. Enjoy!





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