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NABO has a Basque film library where you can borrow films for events at your club or for viewing at home.  The DVD's come with English subtitles and will play on U.S. DVD / Blu-ray players. If you are interested please send an email to with the film you are interested in. 

January - Un Otoño sin Berlín 

June returns to the town of her birth by surprise after spending time abroad. The return home will be painful: her family and her first love, Diego, have changed. She too has changed, and repairing the broken ties won’t be easy. But just like the autumn wind, June will take the place by storm.

The Director:
Lara Izagirre graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of the Basque Country. She continued her film studies at the New York Film Academy and worked for two years at the Forensic Films production company in the same city. She also has an MA in Screenwriting from the Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña. In 2010 she founded the production company Gariza Produkzioak, from where she wrote, directed and produced the short films Bicycle Poem (2010), KEA (2011) and Larroxa (2013), the medium-length documentary Next Stop: Greenland, and the short documentary Sormenaren Bide Ezkutuak (2013).


Selection in the 63rd edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival (2015)


March - Agur Etxebeste


Patrizio Etxebeste decides to resign from the office of mayor for health problems, but few know the real reason: the recent corruption scandals uncovered in nearby towns lead him to believe that his may be the next head to roll. Who better to take up the reins and maintain the control than Mª Luisa, his faithful wife? But it won’t all be quite as simple as it once might have been. His decorative wife decides not to be quite so decorative and starts taking action. The controlling man doesn’t control things quite as much as he thought he did or would like to and he has to adapt, to evolve. All crises, whether in the family, politics or social spheres, bring tensions and problems. But they also bring change and important opportunities. Sequel to Aupa Etxebeste! (2005).

About the directors:

Asier Altuna (Bergara, Gipuzkoa. 1969) and Telmo Esnal (Zarautz. Gipuzkoa, 1967) co-directed, in 2005, Aupa Etxebeste!, which competed in New Directors and won the Audience Award in San Sebastian. In 2016 they contributed with the segment Iraila to the omnibus film Kalebegiak, screened at the Velodrome. Single-handed, Altuna has competed in San Sebastian’s Official Selection with Bertsolari (2011, out of competition) and Amama (2015), winner of the Irizar Award. In 2018 he participated in the omnibus film Gure Oroitzapenak, screened in Zinemira. His project Karmele will be presented this year at the Co-Production Forum. For his part, Esnal has directed Urte berri on, amona! (2011) which participated in New Directors and Dantza (2018), which won the Glocal in Progress Award in 2017 and was presented in San Sebastian’s Official Selection the following year.

BYE BYE MR. ETXEBESTE! trailer from Filmax on Vimeo.



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