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EUSKAL ZINEMA: Basque Film Series

Basque Video homepage

NABO received a set of DVDs of Basque films from the Basque Government, that we will soon endeavor to make available to NABO member clubs on a check-out basis.  Titles include:

Baztan movie



Participate in Ainara :
Expand the visibility  : You are kindly invited to sign the Visitors Book and pass it to your friends and relatives. This is very important to us because it encreases the visibility a fast and easy way. You know journalists who are interested in culture, cinema, Basque country and diaspora, participatory methods ? Do not hesitate to tell them to contact us.
Be part of the artistic project : Today we are looking for paintings and we are managing extras requests, soon we will be searching for shooting locations, may be music and songs.
Be part of the multilingual challenge : We are looking for Community managers teachers who will use Ainara as a pedagogic content for their language lessons (English, Basque, Spanish, French). The challenge is to improve the quality of the information available on www.ainara.ahaldelako.com. It is also to participate in the chats (with respect to Ainara) hosted on various websites in various languages.
Facilitate the financing of the starting fund : As an individual or a profesional (banker, lawer, advisor, investor, etc.) you know individuals or companies located in Europe, USA, South America or in the rest of the world and that would sponsor Ainara's starting fund. Let us set up a meeting to study the best ways to do this.
Facilitate the connection with co-producers : You know professionals of the movie business interested in producing or co-producing independant movies. Do not hesitate to tell them to get in touch with us.
More information : check other details on our website.


         Vacas (damagaged original disc)

         La Pelota Vasca (original PAL only)

         La Comunidadad (original PAL only)

         La Vida Manda (original PAL only)

         El Ladron de Suenos (original PAL only)

         Secretos del Corazon (available)

         El Sol del Membrillo (available)

         La Isla del Cangrejo (available)

         El Espiritu de la Colmena (Spanish; PAL)

         Frio Sol de Invierno (original PAL only)

         Ama Lur (Spanish)

         Aupa Etxebeste! (available)

         Gernika Gogoratuz (available)

         West of the Basque (available)

         The Last Link (available)

         Euskal Herrian Barna (available)