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DENDA:  NABO's display booth

Here is what NABO has going on:

  • NABO sells items (e.g., calendars, DVDs, books, patches, etc.) at various Basque picnics and festivals and thus requires a
  • If NABO is intent on pursuing the motto recreation + education = perpetuation, then NABO must seek to "get out of the shadows" and become active in education.
  • NABO has to go where the action is and not just expect that people will come to us to learn/experience/connect.  Thus the exhibit booth.
  • NABO has a touring photo exhibit that requires a means to display it
  • NABO will soon have several computer panels for a Basque song exhibit (Kantuketan), and these too will require a means to display them outdoors

NABO needs to have its own booth wherein all of these features can be combined and displayed.  The proposal is that the booth would consist of:

  • A tent (like that above) customized with NABO lettering and colors
  • Three sides would be enclosed, with one panel being for the touring photo exhibit, the second for the Kantuketan song exhibit, and the third for NABO and Basque-American history.
  • Debut would be for the Winnemucca Convention; later we could also loan this to clubs at their events.

What do you think?