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This service is via GoToMeeting that NABO has purchased for the use of its members.  For more information email info@nabasque.eus

Upcoming teleconference:  Tues. June 12, 2012

Computer option just click on:

If you want to join via computer (no cost since via internet) using your computer microphone & speakers (though a headset might work best) follow the link above and allow the program to run on your computer.
>You are muted as you begin but can be enabled by the organizer.

Telephone option (not toll-free):
Dial +1 (636) 277-0136

Access Code: 413-071-401

[Note:  press *6 if you need to mute your end of the line because of background noise around you.]

If unable to participate, please email your ideas to info@nabasque.eus 

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