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KANTUKETAN EXHIBIT: "In Quest of Singing"
Celebration of Basque Language & Song

NABO, with the collaboration of the Basque Autonomous Government of Euskadi and the Euskal Kultur Erakundea, a special audio-visual exhibition that celebrates Basque language and song.


The original decorative panels:










Basques love to sing: it is one of the most distinguishing elements of Basque culture.  Song accompanies important moments, deftly sweeping aside geographical barriers and differences of dialect, creating an atmosphere of shared time and place as voices join together. 

Nevertheless, the social practice of singing in Basque, though incontestably dynamic, has today been somewhat affected by a dwindling of collective memory and a lack of effective means of transmission. 

The original, actual exhibition (pictured here) prepared by EKE was quite extensive and took a whole large room.

This was not feasible for most of our Basque events, most of which are held outdoors.  What we are preparing is essentially six listening stations with headphones and touch screen monitors with a wide assortment of musical samples.

When displayed outdoors, it will be sheltered by portable tents.  To see these click on: NABO Booth

“Kantuketan” (In Quest of Singing) originated as part of an overall effort by the EUSKAL KULTUR ERAKUNDEA (Basque Cultural Institute) to reverse the trend of less singing in Basque.  Their aim was to conserve a heritage and pass it on. This cultural organization of the Iparralde or north side of the Basque Country graciously offered to share their exhibit with the North American Basque Organizations, Inc (N.A.B.O.) and the Basque-American community. 

This is a sample of a NABO listening station; this version allows two people to listen to their musical choices. To find out about having this nearby, click on Hosting Kantuketan

EKE's original "Kantuketan" display was quite extensive and took a large room to exhibit.  Something on this scale was not feasible for most of our Basque events, where space might be limited and often outdoor settings. What NABO has prepared is something similar (using the interactive program created by the EKE and their shared images as shown in the decorative panels at left) with headphone-listening stations and touch screen monitors with a wide assortment of musical samples from traditional tunes all the way to hard rock.

NON IKUS DAITEKE? Where to see the exhibit:

NABO is divided into several geographic regions and this exhibit will reach each of those over the next year and a half in an effort to make it more accessible to more Basque communities. 

This exhibit is an ongoing effort to reconnect with our collective Basque memory and to promote Basque singing to a new generation.  To bring you Kantuketan we have partnered with EUSKO JAURLARITZA--the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi--which has through the years demonstrated consistent support of efforts to promote Basque culture throughout the Basque Diaspora or Basque immigrant communities around the world.  

Complementing the music listening stations is display artwork.

Panels can be made available (based on the willingness of hosts to share the creation expense).

Since Basques and non-Basques will view these, it represents an educational opportunity.

Thus the "Kantuketan" exhibit is an effort to follow through on NABO's motto of Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate.

There will be one of this exhibits in each of our five NABO We are going now with active storage:  instead of keeping these together collecting dust somewhere, lets store them in Basque clubhouses and get some use out of them.  There is now or soon will be one of this exhibits in each of our five Regions.  Contact your nearest resource for availability.

WEST:  San Francisco Basque Cultural Center
NORTH:  Boise Basque Museum
CENTRAL:  Elko Basque Club
SOUTH:  Chino Basque Club
EAST:  New York Basque Club

To find out about having this nearby, click on Hosting Kantuketan

Special thanks to these folks for their contributions: John BIETER, Lisa CORCOSTEGUI, Joseba ETXARRI, Pantxoa ETXEGOIN, Jean FLESHER, Mary GAZTAMBIDE, Dave GREEN, Izar IRIBARREN-GORRIONDO, Jakes LARRE, Josu LEGARRETA, Benan OREGI, Ramon & Begona YSURSA & Genevieve YSURSA.   MIL ESKER!

For Basque culture to endure we'll need to find a viable balance between the fun of being Basque (e.g., festivals) and knowing something more about what being Basque is about.  That is why NABO is following the motto Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate

The educate part of the equation is being developed in our GUREA Cultural Literacy program.  Gurea is Basque for "it is ours."

To learn more about the exhibition click on:  www.eke.org