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ZORTZIAK-BAT:  "The Eight Ones [are] One"

Should Basques of the Diaspora make a gesture to be included as part of the larger Basque community of Euskal Herria?  Arguably there are almost as many people of Basque descent--and choice--who live outside the homeland in the Diaspora.  But there's no motto that embraces this last group--is it time we created one?

Zazpiak Bat is the familiar motto coined by the Basque explorer Antoine-Thomson d'Abbadie in the nineteenth century, from the Basque words zazpiak meaning "the seven ones" and bat meaning "one."  It translates then as "the seven ones [are] one."  Note however that while there are seven regions, there are only six emblems because Nafarroa & Benafarroa share the same one.

Our Basque cousins living in the Basque Country have a vague idea of the Basque Diaspora, and that is partly because we Basques of the Diaspora haven't done much to promote ourselves in their consciousness. 

For the 21st century do we not need an updated motto?  Many people of Basque descent live outside the Basque Country in the Basque Diaspora.  However, they are not usually associated with most Basque references; "zazpiak-bat" only references the seven historical regions.  How about if we add one more to include ourselves and make it eight: Zortziak-Bat!  This does not take away from identifying the centrality of the Basque homeland. The Basque story will always be connected to the homeland, but that original tree has sprouted new seedlings around the world.

This name and the concept would be readily understood by most Basques, thus requiring less translation and/or explanation.  This could serve to raise greater awareness of the Diaspora's connection with "Basqueness."  And while there are distinctions from one province to the other, and from a Basque community in Australia to one in Mexico City, this aims to accentuate what it is that we have in common: Euskaldun bizi nahia--the will to live as Basque.

+ =

   7          +        1      =      8

Zortziak Bat


Initial concept: the black eight ball

1. The number 8 is symbolic for the two circles that are connected.

2. We recognize that we as the Diaspora are somewhat of the "black sheep" of the Basque family--in a good way of course!
3. In billiards/pool you win when you hit the eight ball in!
Any more ideas?  Send to info@nabasque.eus