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TALDEAK: NABO Focus (Advisory) Groups

These focus groups are designed to get interested people together for a teleconference to discuss certain issues and ideas for NABO.  Although they are not authorized to make decisions for NABO, it helps fine-tune issues or projects that can then be brought to the delegates. If interested in joining in these conversations (3-5 times a year) email info@nabasque.eus    How it works

  WHY GROUPS. At one end of the continuum is one person in NABO making decisions, and at the other is all the voting delegates. It's not advisable to go with either extreme (e.g., NABO has to be more than just one person but asking everyone to be engaged in everything isn't viable either).  So the hoped for remedy is the use of focus (advisory) groups, consisting of volunteers who are specifically interested in this aspect of Basque culture.

rganization of focus groups:
All volunteer-based consisting of NABO delegates and NABO associates (those non-delegates/voting members who nevertheless step up to serve)
Consists of getting together a few times a year via GoToMeeting phone teleconferences that last one hour each because each person has to phone-in and pay their own phone charges.


How it works
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