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The Etxepare Basque Institute has the mission of making the Basque language and culture known to the world in fulfillment of the slogan by Bernat Etxepare (author of the first book printed in the Basque language in 1545): “jalgi hadi mundura” (“open yourself to the world”).

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The Etxepare Institutre set up an innovative plan to facilitate initial contact with Euskara (the Basque language) and Basque culture for people from all over the world: Euskara Mundiala.  This plan gives people the chance to speak Euskara via the www.euskaramundiala.net website.


The mission of the Etxepare Basque Institute is to spread the Basque language and culture worldwide.

The Basque Institute Etxepare is an ambassador of our language and culture abroad and it seeks to promote international dissemination of the Basque language (Euskara) and Basque artists in all disciplines, from literature to the performing arts, to cinema, sculpture, painting or music.

The Basques live open to the world, we have learned much from the outside and we can still learn more.  But, as stated by the 19th century folk musician José María Iparragirre, we also have to give and extend our results to the world, to show the world who we are as Basques, and in return a more worldly touch to the Basque Country.

On the www.euskaramundiala.net website you can listen to dozens of phrases in Euskara: typical expressions, proverbs and tongue twisters. Anyone who accesses the website can choose whatever phrase they want, listen to it, and record it right there on the website with a webcam, thereby multiplying the number of Basque speakers.  It also offers users the option to say whatever they want and they can ask for a translation into Basque of what they want to say.

Basque: http://www.facebook.com/etxepare.euskal.institutua
Spanish: http://www.facebook.com/instituto.vasco.etxepare
English: http://www.facebook.com/etxepare.basque.institute

Basque: http://twitter.com/etxepareeu
Spanish: http://twitter.com//etxeparees
English: http://twitter.com//etxepareen 

We want you, as well as your friends and acquaintances, to take part in this project.  Likewise, we’d also  like to let you  know  that  from now  on  you  can also find us on  social  networks like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve created profiles in four languages:  Basque, Spanish, English and French.  These are the links:

In 1545, Bernart Etxepare, wrote a book called 'Linguae Vasconum Primitae', the first book in Basque. This first work of literature in Euskara make a wish for our language:

Heuscara ialgui adi campora
(Euskera show yourself to the street)"
Heuscara ialgui adi plaçara
(Euskera show yourself to the square)"

Heuscara ialgui adi mundura
(Euskera show yourself to the world)

By following us here, you’ll receive news about us in whichever language you choose.  We’ll tell you what’s going on in the Institute, but also what’s happening all over the world regarding Euskara and Basque culture.  We invite you to take an active part in these forums, posting news and photos of any events you are organizing and sharing your thoughts and comments.

ETXEPARE MATERIALS:  Euskara brochure   2012 New York event (pdf)

The Etxepare Institute has made available the "Basque Culture Collection:" a series of downloadable books (in pdf format) on select aspects of Basque culture, each providing a fine general overview written by a noted expert in that field.  The objective is to publicize these themes internationally, and because of this, the collection is trilingual: in Basque, Spanish and English.

Click on the links below and you can download the pdf directly (courtesy of euskalkultura.com):

1. A Brief History of the Basque Language (Ivan Igartua eta Xabier Zabaltza)
2. Basque Literature in the 20th Century (Estibalitz Ezkerra)
3. Basque Classical Music (Karlos Sanchez Ekiza)
4. Basque Songwriting: Pop, Rock, Folk (Jon Eskisabel)
5. A Collection of Prints (Visual Arts) (Miren Jaio)
6. Basque Cinema (Joxean Fernandez)
7. Architecture and Design (Pello Agirre) (coming soon)
8. Basque Dance (Oier Araolaza)
9. Bertsolaritza (Joxerra Garzia)
10. Traditions (Joseba Zulaika)
11. On Basque Cuisine (Hasier Etxeberria)

Etxepare Publishes a Collection of Free Downloadable books on Basque Culture in English, Spanish and Basque
Various authors at the series at the Etxepare Institute presentation (Sept. 2012)



For more information contact:
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