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MUSICAL GROUPS: Choirs, Singers & Bands

Below are some links to area Basque dance bands, singers & choirs

Related link:  Musikalariak

Band Located
Jean Flesher Band
Salt Lake City, UT
Email: Ehulia1@aol.com
Mendiko Haurrak
Based: Chino, CA
Email:  kakkles@aol.com

Amuma Says No
Based:  Boise, ID

  Manuela & Jean Pierre Etchechury
Based: Fresno
Email: baskfood@aol.com
  Jean-Louis Curuchet
Based: San Francisco
Mercedes Mendive
Based: Florida
Music samples: www.knowledgecenter.unr.edu

Periodically some clubs have joined together to pool their resources to bring Basque bands from Europe.  To share expenses two or more clubs is optimum.  A typical plan has been to bring a band for a bit over two weeks to span three weekends which allows for three performances in different communities. 


CA-Bakersfield: Men & Women's choir / 12 members

CA-Chino: "Noka" three women's choir

CA-San Francisco: "Elgarrekin" men & women's choir / 30 members

ID-Boise: "Bihotzetik" men & women's choir