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Chairs of Basque Studies in U.S. Higher Education

An exciting growing trend is the endowment of chairs in Basque Studies in institutions of higher learning around the country.  This development relates well to NABO's motto of Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate

In honor of:
William A. Douglass

University of Nevada, Reno
School website: Basque.unr.edu
In honor of:
Jose M. Barandiaran
University of California, Santa Barbara
School website: www.hfa.ucsb.edu
In honor of:
Bernardo Atxaga

City University of New York
School website: Cuny.edu

News story:
In honor of:
Koldo Mitxelena
University of Chicago
School website: didart.eu

News story: www.Euskalkultura.com