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N.A.B.O. TXERRIKI:  Pork Fest Contest
Chorizo, Lukainka & Tripota/Morcilla Contest

N.A.B.O. has committees to help promote many parts of Basque culture, but until now there has been one missing ingredient.  Basque foodies, look no further:  this is your moment!

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2012 winners were (L to R):
Tripota: Mendiko Euskaldun Kluba (Jean Pierre and Anita Izoco)
Chorizo: Gloria Lejardi (Homedale)
Lukainka: Pete Sarratea (Gardnerville)


ZER/WHAT.  3rd annual "Txerri-Besta" Pork-fest Contest TBA

NOLA/HOW.  THREE CATEGORIES (enter in one or more)
Bring 5 lbs of your homemade:
1) chorizo
2) lukainka (with and without paprika) and/or
3) tripota/morcilla

They will be judged in a blind taste test that will determine the winner in each separate category.  Those winners will walk away with a trophy and bragging rights for a year.  Please--no store-bought samples:  we want to encourage and showcase the long tradition of Basque cooking, and respect those who put an effort into making their own entries.

NOR/WHO. Participants can be either organizations or individuals.  Those interested in participating should contact Chairman Gratien Etchebehere (basquecheese@hotmail.com)  For more details please contact Gratien directly.  He will be happy to explain how the contest will be run. 

Please help to get the word out!


Buffalo WY NABO-2011 - 08
The 2011 inaugural winners were:

WINNER:  Tripota/Morcilla:
San Francisco Basque Cultural Center

WINNER:  Chorizo/Lukainka:
Toni Sabarots (Seattle)

<It was a "dirty job" but fortunately these Basque men were up to the task of judging.