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EUTSI: Basque Hero Profiles

A culture survives only if it finds a means of transmission from one generation to the next, and much of the work is done in oftentimes unacknowledged fashion. This is an ongoing profile series of silent Basque heroes; i.e., people quietly toiling to keep our Basque culture alive and moving it along. To them--and hopefully others who will join them--we say EUTSI*: "keep it up!"

Basque language teacher in Euskadi & the U.S.

José Ramón Cengotitabengoa
Promoter of Basque Culture
Patty Miller
Director of Boise's Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Miren Aizpitarte
Idaho's Distinguished Student Award

Do you know of a silent Basque hero out there?  This series will periodically profile these people.  Let us know about them and email us at info@nabasque.eus


*EUTSI in Euskara means to maintain or sustain