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ELKAR EZAGUTZEA: Knowing one another

> Facilitate members in each club to meet their fellow members since many clubs have a membership that isn't necessarily known to all.
> When one is more familiar with fellow members, one is more inclined to come to club functions

If you can think of a better way of realizing these objectives (or add/subtract objectives) while reducing the number of people who might be offended/ opposed, please send your recommendations to info@nabasque.eus  As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one."  

> NABO's cost with this is nothing; each club goes about this at their own pace. 

Below is a sample approach taken from the Chino Basque Club:

We now have upwards of 130 full, associate and honorary club members, but do we know each other? Do we know one anotherís families?  So weíre going to start the creation of a photo board for the clubhouse that will list all of our members and their immediate family.  This will be accompanied by a photo as well.  If you have a preferred digital photo of you (& your family), please send that photo as an attachment to:  info@basques.us    Otherwise, Charlene Azkarate Perdew & Jenny Ysursa will be there taking photos during club events.  To get this started, weíll need each member to fill out and return this form to the club or mail it to our PO Box 1080, Chino, CA  91710.  As soon as we start getting some of these in, weíll construct the display board.  Donít you think itís time to better ELKAR EZAGUTZEA?  Thanks for your participation! 


Memberís Name:___________________________________________ 

Memberís Birthplace: _______________________________________

City where member lives now: _______________________________

Memberís Birthday (Month/day/year optional: ____________________

Memberís spouse (if applicable):_____________________________  

Phone number (optional):   (          )  ________ - ______________

Memberís child(ren) (if applicable):


Memberólanguages spoken (circle):    

  English     Basque     Spanish      French       Other:______________