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GURE KULTURA: Basque Culture

Where does one begin to define culture:  music, song, dance, language, religion, traditions, cuisine . . .  It is all of these and more.  There are some unique aspects of the culture (e.g., the language Euskara which has its own distinct branch on the linguistic tree) but the Basques have also demonstrated their willingness to adopt outside influences (e.g., the  fandango or jota which was introduced into the Basque country about a century ago and today nearly serves as the national dance).  Basque culture is a "big-small world."  Small because of the relative size of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country in Europe which is not more than 100 miles in any direction) yet big because of the abundance of sustained cultural expressions. 
In general, culture is made up of three distinct yet integrated layers:

Thinking:  language, symbols & artifacts
Behaving: customs, practices & interactional patterns
Valuing: shared values, norms, beliefs & expectations

For more information about Basque culture, follow the links at SITEMAP to that "big-small world."