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Jesus Pedroarena, Video Chair
P.O. Box 761; Minden, NV 89423

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DOCUMENTARIES:  Basque-American

BASQUES IN THE WEST (profiles western U.S. Basques)
Online trailer / Download backup: Basques in the West]

AMERIKANUAK (profiles Nevada Basques)
Online Trailer  / Download backup: Amerikanuak (flv)
> See the whole film online at Amerikanuak

WEST OF THE BASQUES (profiles Idaho Basques) West of the Basques (DVD available)

THE LAST LINK (profiles Wyoming Basques) The Last Link (DVD available)

ARTZAINAK  (profiles Idaho Basques) Online trailer 

THE BASQUE HOTEL (profiles Basque writers' views)
>See the whole film online at he EITB website
The Basque Hotel

Boise Basque Block:  www.youtube.com

First feature length American film in Basque: ZURETZAKO
Find out more at

DOCUMENTARIES:  Basque Country

"Ipuina Kontatu" (documentary trailer): www.kickstarter.com [Backup:  Ipuina Kontatu]

The Mystery of the Basques (Guardian newspaper) www.guardian.co.uk (6:15)
Backup: Mystery of the Basques

Rick Steves' Europe: Basque Country  www.hulu.com

Orson Welles & the Basques

La Pelota Vasca (Julio Medem)

Ama Lur (1968):  YouTube excerpt 1    YouTube excerpt 2

To watch Basque TV directly on line for free click on http://www.eitb.com/television/etb-sat/

To view entire Basque films online click on


Basque depictions in films

MacGyver TV series: http://youtu.be/IjbbfK87JWc
Original Titanic film:  http://youtu.be/9O99PFwGf5I

Vascos en el Cine How Hollywood has portrayed Basques (in Spanish)
euskosare-oscaralvarez article (in Spanish)

Greta the misfit Greyhound Basque scene:  www.youtube.com


Basque promo video clips

Euskadi with Plesure: Top Experiences in the Basque Country

Pamplona-Irunea promo video:  vimeo.com/video/9347311?title=0&%3bportrait=0

Euskadi: Con Mucho Gusto Promotional video

Euskal Herria:  Land of the Basques promotional video clip (Windows Media Player)

Glimpses of the Basque Country  (9 minute promo) Backup: Glimpses of the Basque Country