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"Hizketa eginez, elkar
hobe ezagutzen dugu"

(the more we speak together,
the more we get to know one another")

HIZKETA: The NABO Newsletter

We have suspended our hard-copy newsletter that ran since the early 1990s since most were now accessing information from this website.  Earlier issues are available below
Previous issues are available below in pdf format. If you don't have this free software to view these, click on adobepdf-free software download
Previous issues:

19.2 Hizketa Summer 2008
19.1 Winter 2008

18.3 2007 Fall
18.2 2007 Summer
18.1 2007 Winter

17.3: 2006 Fall
17.2: 2006 Summer

17.1: 2006 Winter

First NABO newsletter