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Hosting & Exchange Inquiries

N.A.B.O. regularly receives inquiries that we post here for our membership's information.  In most cases, we don't know these folks personally, but we've had excellent luck in hosting people from the Basque country.  It's a great way to introduce a great new dynamic into your family or Basque community.  Contact the people directly for more information.


Aitziber Azpiri Grande. My name is Aitziber, I am 27 and I am from Lekeitio (Bizkaia) Basque Country. I studied business administration and direction and in October I will start a master. But before I start the master, I am very interested in going to USA to improve my english in the months of July and August and for this reason I am contacting all of "euskal etxeak" from USA.

I was wondering if I could work for you in any position (like a waitress in a restaurant, babysitting, teaching Basque ...) or if you could put me in touch with someone to work there for two months.

Best regards,

Eskerrik asko

Aitziber Azpiri Grande aitziber_a_g@hotmail.com



Iñigo Basabe.  My name is Iñigo BASABE and I'm 14 years old. I live in VITORIA GASTEIZ in ALAVA, with me also live my brother of 19 years old. I will like to now how is the culture of that country. My proposal is go in summer and that any other boy or girl come to my house. My dad like a good Basque person is a good cooker, and we will love to receive the people in our house. We will like to speak with someone of the association, Euskal etxea that speak Spanish to speak with my father, but my brother and I we hardly ever speak in Basque. We will do from skype in the user of my dad that is izarra38 the day and the hour that we will say. Also I have twitter that my user name is @basabe65 and my facebook is Iñigo Basabe.


A good love from VITORIA and Eskerrik asko.

IÑIGO and family basabe@gmx.com


Luis Lopez Oses.  I am a 37 years old man and I am currently working in Bilbao, Basque Country. I have an intermediate level of spoken and written English and my aim is to live in U.S.A. and improve the language.  I am well-suited to work as a gardener, bricklayer, caretaker, cook or waiter. I can also teach Euskara. I have worked for years as a gardener and also for a family private ground. Additionally, I have worked as a builder and as a bricklayer, and I have volunteered as an instructor and as a keeper in different organizations. 

My name is Maitane. I am fron San Sebastain/Donostia, but I live in Barcelona right now. It's been years since I want to move to the United States, but I found out it is quite difficult to find a job from here, and without a job it is not possible to get a working visa. Surfing through internet I just found your website and thought that mayba you can help me with my plans. If it is not so, thank you for reading this email at least. Ican send you my CV in English or Spanish (I can also translate to into basque in a moment). I have studied translation and I have mainly worked in Tourism Field in the last years.  I hope to hear from you.

Maitane Solaun maitanesol@gmail.com [Aug]

Hola, les escribo desde Bilbao, Bizkaia, para solicitar su ayuda. Tenemos un hijo de 22 años, interesado en aprender inglés, que desea desplazarse a su Estado y pagarse la estancia con algún pequeño trabajo. El habla y escribe correctamente en Euskera y si saben de alguien interesado en aprenderlo podían intercambiarse los conocimientos.  Contact fabiola.sedano@CajaLaboral.es

Last summer two groups of high school students from the Basque Country came to Boise and it would be great to have more coming so they learn about the American culture and the Basque American culture.  It is a great way to create connections with the Basque Country. These five students (13-17 years old) from the Basque Country are in Boise this July.  Contact Inaki Sanchez: isunibaso@yahoo.es