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Juan Antonio URBELTZ

Juan Antonio Urbeltz has played a leading role in the world of Basque dance and culture for a generation, and his mark is clearly visible today, specifically in bringing about a profound change in how Basque dance groups think about dance and how they now present it. 

The work of Juan Antonio Urbeltz (Iruna-Pamplona, 1940) in the world of Basque folklore is multi-faceted.  His experience and teachings provide us a unique opportunity to look into the world of folk dance to learn something more about the Basque people.  He has played a pivotal--if not the central role--in a virtual revolution in the world of Basque dance:  how it is prepared, portrayed, presented and understood.

J.A. Urbeltz: The Meaning of Basque Dance

Video interviews (Basque):  

Urbeltz is both an innovator and perpetuator.  His early work concentrated on bringing back and exhibiting the wide world of traditional Basque folk dance.  After years of study, he has recently embarked on the creation of new dances.  Some of his works are below with video clips (as prepared by Lisa Corcostegui, Ph.D.):

Story, photos & video: Oteizaren Apostularen Soka Dantza

Video: Almute dantza

2009-12-04_Axuri-Beltza-IZ-1423 by kezka.
Video: Galaiena esku dantza

Video:  Ezpata dantza

Video: Axuri Beltza edo Eaurtako neskatxen dantza

2009-12-04_Axuri-Beltza-IZ--1014 by kezka.
Video:  Dantza luze

"Aunitz Urtez"
Video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaROtiB8NV8&feature=youtu.be
Photos: www.dantzan.com/argazkiak/dantza-taldeak/argia-aunitz-urtez-bilbo-2011

Video clips: Axeri Boda    www.youtube.com clip of making of Axeri Boda


Pas de Basque:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=okXrEPVi9N8

Juan Antonio Urbeltz
Juan Antonio Urbeltz, Basque dance master