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KADRILAK:  Zuberoa

There are many variations of the Kontra dantza (Contra dances) among the Basques, including these from Zuberoa. 

Zuberako kadrilak

Sheet music
Please request


Kontra dantza I
Kontra dantza II
Kontra dantza III
Kontra dantza IV

Kontra dantza V
Kontra dantza VI
Kontra dantza VII

Kadrila 1
Kadrila 2
Kadrila 3
Kadrila 4
Kadrila polka

Xuberoko Polka 1
Xuberoko Polka 2


You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovrvLhamGDs&feature=related
Backup: Zub. Kadrilak

Kadrila: Andre Maria Taldea
Backup: Kadrila AMT

Eskotixa: Andre Mari Taldea
Backup: Eskotixa

If clicking on the above link does not work, then you might need to download it to your hard-drive by right clicking your mouse button and "save as"