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2010 N.A.B.O. Winter Meeting:  San Francisco

N.A.B.O. was hosted by our Basque friends in San Francisco for our annual Winter meeting. Mil esker to them!  The meeting was well attended, and among other things, NABO's membership was expanded with the addition of the Miami Basque Club of Florida!

Here the NABO Euskara organizers including Kinku Zinkunegi (HABE Euskara department of the Basque Government), Martin Goicoechea (NABO Euskara chairman), Valerie Arrechea (NABO President) and Izaskun Kortazar (NABO Euskara Coordinator) gather to sign an accord for this next year to mutually join in the promotion of Euskara.

During the meeting appreciation was expressed to the out-going NABO officers for their service:  Mary Gaztambide as President, Pierre Etcharren as Vice-President and Nancy Trevino as Treasuer.

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The tri-annual meetings serve as an opportunity for delegates to catch up with old and new friends.  This is one of keys to N.A.B.O. programs, because personal relationships serve as the means of networking for successful collaboration.

Delegates participate in discussions and also relay information to member organizations.

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Each N.A.B.O. member organization is provided with a folder that includes the main elements of the meeting; delegates are asked to return with this and to share it with their local membership.

Committee chairpersons provide updates on current activities; here NABO Euskara coordinator Izaskun Kortazar reports to delegates about the 2010 plan for Euskara.

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The North American Basque Organizations (a.k.a. N.A.B.O.) was founded in 1973 with the intent of  helping its member organizations to assist each other in the pursuit of the same objective: the perpetuation of "Basqueness" (Basque culture and identity).