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On March 13th, 2010, the San Francisco Basque Club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a "bertso jaialdia" or Basque verse festival.  It included the U.S. bertsolari and some of the best from the Basque Country.

A look back in photos   http://bertsojaialdia.shutterfly.com/

Watch the promotional video for the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnP_LQpfQYQ

In 1960 the legendary bertsolariak Mattin and Xalbador (at right) were singing when their bertso were interrupted, and this served to spark the creation of the San Francisco Basque Club because it dawned on some that they needed to get together amongst themselves to keep our Basque culture alive.

To commemorate this event, to pay tribute to Xalbador & Mattin and to celebrate the Basque language, the S.F. Basque Club is hosting a major league bertso saioa featuring the current (Maialen Lujanbio) and former (Andoni Egana) bertsolari champions from the Basqueland, and all four active U.S. bertsolariak (Johnny Curutchet, Gratien Alfaro, Jesus Goni & Martin Goicoechea).

For more event information & reservations click on http://www.basqueclub.com/50-bertso.htm



There aren't many opportunities like this one to experience this level of bertsolaritza.  And this program will be offering a simultaneous English [loose] translation on a nearby screen.

ZORIONAK 50 URTE: 50th anniversary